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IHG® Business Rewards

IHG® Business Rewards – It’s our Way of Saying Thank You

Whether you are a sports league parent reserving team accommodations or a professional planner organizing an international meeting, we want to reward you for booking with IHG® on behalf of others. Each hotel room you reserve with a participating hotel could earn you points through IHG®Business Rewards.

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Current Promotions

  • Members will earn 50% MORE points for booking made between 1st September and 30th November 2017. This is for events taking place before 28th February 2018 (up to $20,000 USD Spend).
  • Members will also receive 100% extra IHG Rewards Club points consumed in the month of December, instead of 50% like for the rest of the month.
  • Members will receive an extra 35,000 bonus points every time you spend at least $20,000 USD on a single event. This incentive can be earned multiple times, even if the member has reached the $20,000 USD cap.

ALSO if you are on social media, upload a photo with #ihgbookerbonus will receive 500 points per image on Facebook or Instagram. A prize draw will be held each month (September – November) for all approved entrants, and the winner for the month will receive 35,000 points.


Membership Benefits

Fast Track your Membership Status

  • Reach ‘Gold Elite’ with only 20,000 points
  • Reach ‘Platinum Elite’ with only 60,000 points

Earn 3 points per $1USD

  • Earn rewards by booking travel for yourself and on behalf of others

Redeem Points

  • Redeem rewards through the global redemption catalogue

Access to IHG® Participating Hotels Worldwide

  • Gain access to over 4,700 hotels in almost 100 countries around the world.*

Manage Just One Account

  • One membership number for all of your rewards programs
  • Online access to all upcoming events and reservations that you book


IHG® Rewards Club Gold Elite

(Earned at 20,000 Elite Qualifying Points)

  • All IHG® Rewards Club benefits.
  • Priority Check-in™ on guaranteed reservations.
  • 10% bonus on base points.
  • Free internet worldwide.

IHG® Rewards Club Platinum Elite

(Earned at 60,000 Elite Qualifying Points)

  • All IHG® Rewards Club benefits.
  • Priority Check-in on guaranteed reservations.
  • Complimentary room upgrades (subject to availability).
  • Guaranteed room availability (72 hours in advance).
  • 50% bonus on base points.
  • Free internet worldwide.

Your Rewards

Points accumulated can be redeemed for company use or for your personal use. Redemption options include, but are not limited to:

  • Reward Nights at over 4,700 hotels worldwide, with no blackout dates.
  • Turn points, or points and cash, into worldwide travel on over 400 airlines.
  • Redeem points for brand name merchandise, retail and restaurant gift certificates, or even instant music and entertainment downloads.

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To learn about additional benefits when you stay with us, visit IHG® Rewards ClubIHG Business Rewards

You deserve to be rewarded – enroll today!

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IHG Business Rewards

Earning Points is Effortless

IHG® Business Rewards offers points on bookings you make on behalf of others. No booking is too small* and there is no minimum qualifying threshold. This means you can be rewarded for everything from booking a one night hotel room to planning a large conference at one of our participating hotels. We believe all your booking needs are important, so we reward you no matter the size.

Earn for booking with us:

  • 3 points for every $1 USD spent on qualified guest rooms, meeting space and food and beverage.
  • Priority access to exclusive member offers.
  • Automatic enrollment in IHG® Rewards Club – the industry’s first and largest guest loyalty program. You’ll have one membership number for both programs and all your points appear in one place.
  • Rewards for being a person who books and stays. Earn points when you book guest rooms or meetings on behalf of others or personal accommodation for yourself.
  • Access to a worldwide network of participating IHG® hotels.
  • Accelerated path to IHG® Rewards Club Gold Elite or Platinum Elite* status. Points are accumulated for both booking and/or staying with us.**

Earn for personally staying with us:

  • 10 points for every $1 USD spent on qualifying revenue at any IHG® hotel**.
  • No cap on the number of points you can earn.
  • Free internet worldwide at IHG properties.
  • At 20,000 Elite Qualifying Points get IHG® Rewards Club Gold Elite** status and a 10% Elite point bonus on base points and priority room check-in.
  • At 60,000 Elite Qualifying Points get IHG® Rewards Club Platinum Elite** status and a 50% Elite point bonus on base points, priority check-in, complimentary room upgrades, and guaranteed room availability.

As an IHG® Business Rewards member you have access to the full catalog of redemption options and can be redeemed for company use or for personal use as an IHG® Rewards Club member. Don’t wait to be rewarded, sign up now.


Reward Yourself Even Faster

Points earned through IHG® Business Rewards can be redeemed for personal or company rewards from the IHG® Rewards Club catalog. Plus, IHG® Business Rewards earnings add into your overall IHG® Rewards Club point total, so you can reward yourself even faster!

Redemption options include:

IHG Business Rewards
Reward Nights at any of our hotels worldwide.
IHG Business Rewards
Travel and transportation packages.
IHG Business Rewards
Unique and amazing events & experiences.
IHG Business Rewards
Retail and restaurant gift certificates.
IHG Business Rewards
Merchandise and entertainment.
IHG Business Rewards
Charitable donations on your behalf.


And so much more! View all your reward options.

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