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Leap Year Birthday Offers

We know that it’s tough for those born on the 29th of February, you can only celebrate your big day once every 4 years! We have found some great Leap Year Birthday Offers for 2020 to help you celebrate your big day!

Plus we have great news, we would like to shout you a complimentary regular sized coffee to help you celebrate!


Is this year a leap year?

If you haven’t already heard, this year is a Leap Year. It means two things, one we get an extra day in February and number two many companies roll out special promotions to help you celebrate this quadrennial (once every four years) event.

The most special thing about this leap year, is since the first time since 1992 it will be on a Saturday!


Why should we celebrate a Leap Year Birthday?

Let’s face it, for those that aren’t born on the 29th of February, we can celebrate our birthday every year. It’s tough to be a leap year baby, as they can’t authentically celebrate their birthday every year.


What are some Leap Year Birthday Offers?

Holiday Inn Melbourne on Flinders

We will be giving those born on the 29th of February a free regular sized coffee! All you need to do is show us proof (licence, passport or identification card) and we will make you a complimentary barista made Vittoria coffee at our restaurant Sirocco! Sorry for all of those that aren’t from Melbourne 🙁


We will update our list regularly of Leap Year Birthday Offers!