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Meet Mark Lobo

Learn more about Mark Lobo, the photographer behind the art displayed in our conference and events spaces

We have reimagined our conference and events spaces at Holiday Inn Melbourne on Flinders with beautiful design with art from Mark Lobo, the latest technology and fresh and tasty food. They have been styled around the cultural hallmarks that Melbourne is best known for; art, shopping, sport and food.

At Holiday Inn Melbourne on Flinders we hope to bring the joy of entertaining to all, as our spaces are not just about working, they are also about connecting with friends or colleagues.  We have created spaces that have an inviting atmosphere with technology that just works (plus free WiFi!).
These spaces are ideal for any event or conference, as they provide flexibility for any set up you have in mind.

Our vision is to showcase the best of Melbourne life, giving guests a taste of Melbourne art, shopping, sports and food. Each room is themed to each hallmark and to support this we enlisted prominent Melbourne photographer, Mark Lobo to add a colourful touch. His signature style is fun and bright, and living brightly and joyfully is exactly how we want guests to feel when at Holiday Inn Melbourne on Flinders.


We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Lobo about his work and inspiration behind his pieces on display in our spaces.

1. What was the process behind the finalised pieces of artwork? Were you inspired by anything in particular?
Each piece was inspired by the different themes of each room. I wanted to bring a playful and colourful approach to each piece and create images that invited the viewer in to take a longer look. The large scale and wide dimensions of each piece allowed me to work in a way that would allow viewers standing both far away and close by to discover something different.

2. How long was the process from start to the end product?
It was about 2.5 months from our first conversations to actually installing the work. There were a few meetings to see the space, discuss the themes and also a few iterations of the ideas themselves. Once we locked everything in, I think the quickest step was probably the shooting!

3. Do you have a favourite? If so, why?
I really love them all, but if I had to choose just one, I’d say “The Arcade”. I really enjoy working with other creative people and was thrilled to be able to represent another Melbourne creative, Pippa Oostergetel from Squeak Design so prominently. The scarf we used was Pippa’s “Melbourne Scarf“, with Flinders St. Station and it’s iconic trams as a part of the design, just down the road from the hotel!
I think we managed to create something really fun, graphic and simple that still worked well within the themes of “Melbourne” and “Fashion”.

4. What inspired you to become a photographer?
Since I was a teenager, I would always carry a camera on me wherever I went. This evolved over the years from disposable film cameras, to a 2 megapixel point and shoot, to an SLR, back to film and these days it’s a combination of all the above. I was always inspired by other creative people that I grew up with and think that it’s really the creative process of other people that truly inspires and motivates me, regardless of the medium.

5. Is there any particular piece that you are most proud of? What is it and why?
I am always very critical of my work, especially my old work. What I was once proud of 10 years ago can embarrass me today. So the work I’m most proud of is usually whatever I’m currently working on or something I’ve recently photographed. One of my favourite images was from a trip to Iceland last year. To me it perfectly encapsulates a beautiful, quiet moment from the trip of a life time.

6. What would you say to anybody looking to get into photography?
Have fun! If you shoot what you love and enjoy it, you eventually become ridiculously good at doing what you love. Find that niche, that subject that inspires and drives you. Some days you’ll find the photos almost take themselves.



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