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Moulin Rouge! The Musical

The spectacular production Moulin Rouge! The Musical is coming soon to Melbourne, 2021 at the Regent Theatre. Baz Luhrmann’s Oscar winning 2001 film; Moulin Rouge comes to life bringing all the elements we cherish from the original movie; truth, beauty, freedom and lastly love.

What is Moulin Rouge! The Musical about?

For those who are too young or have no idea what Moulin Rouge! The Musical is about, we are here to fill you in.

Prepare to watch Bohemians and aristocrats rub shoulders; where the film is set and celebrates 19th century Bohemian life in Paris. Ultimately, Moulin Rouge is a love story between Moulin Rouge performer Saline (who was played by Aussie darling Nicole Kidman) and poet-songwriter Christian (played by talented actor Ewan McGregor). Watch talented actors sing and perform songs in beautiful sets.

What to expect from Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Expect to hear songs you know and love from the original film such as “Lady Marmalade”, “Come What May” and “Your Song”. Enter the Moulin Rouge! The Musical World; filled with romance, glamour and enchantment.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical is being produced by Melbourne Company Global Creatures who are known for their successful rendition of the King Kong and Strictly Ballroom musicals. Moulin Rouge! The Musical will be directed by Alex Timbers, who has directed Broadway shows such as Beetlejuice and the Pee-wee Herman Show. Moulin Rouge! The Musical has made its Broadway debut in New York in 2019, opening to positive reviews; guaranteeing Melbourne’s opening will be no different.

Keep your eye out on Moulin Rouge! The Musical website for further announcements, dates and ticket prices. Watch your favourite movie finally come to life in Melbourne. An experience for all ages!


Stay with us whilst seeing Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Whilst being transported to a world filled with the romance and glamour of Moulin Rouge! The Musical, stay with us an experience our Spencer Suite. It is our ultimate romantic Suite.