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Kitchen News

Kitchen News – Holiday Inn on Flinders executive sous chef Scott Horn shares what inspires him in the kitchen and where his influences come from.

Whether it’s cooking a barbeque for friends or BYO barramundi for his restaurant regulars, executive sous chef Scott Horn is up for the challenge if it means being creative in the kitchen.

“I know my regulars appreciate my cooking as I will meet pretty much any request they have,” he says. “I know what a lot of them like and dislike so I can add more of something or less of something else if needed. Or just make them something that I know will suit their taste buds!”

He says his strangest request however would have to be when some regular VIPs went charter fishing and brought back a huge haul of barramundi that they asked him to serve up. “I cooked it up three different ways for them. Baked, poached and Thai style which I then served on a big platter for them,” he laughs.

Asian food is a strong influence for Adelaide born Horn who says he enjoys the challenge of non-western food. “There is an abundance of different dishes I love to cook but I guess I do have a soft spot for cooking Asian food, Thai food especially. I love the flavours!”

Picking up tips and tricks from several friends of Asian descent, he remembers a year when he ate nothing but Thai and Vietnamese. His influences don’t stop there though and he reveals he generally just likes opportunities to be as creative as possible. “I love making soups, consommés, potage, bouillabaisse… anything really, there’s so much variety to play around with.”

“I like to play with flavours that people wouldn’t assume would work together and try to plate up something that doesn’t only taste good, but visually looks like a piece of art,” he adds. It’s not all flair and fancy though and he admits he’s just as happy cooking for friends at home. “I know my mates appreciate a good barbeque at home!”


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