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Pause Fest Melbourne 2020

Pause Fest Melbourne 2020 is right around the corner and bigger than ever. This year it will be located at Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre over a 3 day period with 4 main stages from 5th February to 7th February, 2020.

Don’t know what Pause Fest is? No worries, we’ll give you all the latest details. Join creative minds alike and build a bigger and brighter future for your business today.


What is Pause Fest?

Pause Fest was launched a decade ago and has evolved yearly, adapting to the changing business environment and trends to become what it is today; “The world’s leading festival for business and creativity”. Pause Fest focuses on embracing diversity and combining creativity and intelligence to inspire the next generation.

As the name suggests Pause Festival is all about ‘pausing’ to learn, reflect, network and grow as an individual and as a community, bringing together visionaries, innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate and willing to adapt and change the ‘business game’ for future generations.


What Pause Fest Melbourne 2020 packages are available?

Tickets are available and ready for you right this very minute! Pre-sale and first release tickets are sold out, so be sure to jump on as soon as possible to guarantee yourself a spot at Pause Fest.

There are three types of packages available tailored to who you are and what you want to achieve.

  • Creators- who are looking for investors, collaborators, mentors and connections to support you building your future. You will have access to all the available mentoring sessions for the 3 day event and much more! Tickets from $149
  • Leaders- looking at companies seeking growth, development and more. Providing access to trends reports, workshops and much more! Tickets from $1,195
  • Explorers– For those seeking what to do next, Pause Fest has got you covered providing access to their networking app and tech careers just to name a few. Tickets from $995

There are two additional ticket options for free:

  • Providing Free Expo passes for those who are unsure whether they want to attend, you can gain access to the Tech Garden Expo event.
  • Enjoy a Free Press Pass for those who have a minimum of 100,000 monthly readerships or 30,000 followers.


What Speakers will be at Pause Fest Melbourne 2020 Speakers?

Pause Fest has an exciting line-up in 2020, with 30 international and more than 200 local speakers presenting.

  • Day 1 Speakers- Ueno, Netflix, Culture AMP, WGSN, Song Music Entertainment, Square Peg & Arup
  • Day 2 Speakers- Google, Adidas, Slack, Dropbox, Canva, Guardian Aus & Future of Sex
  • Day 3 Speakers- ACMI, Shopify, Oz Harvest, Women in Tech, SXSW & Atlassian / Trello, Woods Bagot

Come along and find your voice and direction today! Visit the Pause Fest website for additional information and countdown along with Pause Fest to their unmissable and exciting 3 day event!


Where to stay for Pause Fest Melbourne 2020?

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