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Pierre Bonnard at the NGV

As the weather cools down in Melbourne, the Winter Masterpiece series is unveiled at the NGV for 2020. In 2020 we are excited to see Pierre Bonnard at the NGV. The exhibition has been organised in partnership with the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

The exhibition has been designed by India Mahdavi, an Iranian-French architect and designer. It is an exhibition worth experiencing in person!

Visit the National Gallery of Victoria from the 5th of June to the 4th of October to celebrate Melbourne’s Winter Masterpieces series.


Who is Pierre Bonnard?

Pierre Bonnard is a French artist who is one of the most beloved painters of the 20th century. Pierre Bonnard is renowned for his unique use of colour to convey exquisite and compelling senses of emotion.


What to Expect from the Pierre Bonnard Exhibition

Pierre Bonnard’s great talent in painting has created artworks that are timeless and relevant in today’s day and age. The Pierre Bonnard Exhibition at the NGV can be best described as a kaleidoscope. 150 artworks by Pierre Bonnard will be displayed, spanning and celebrating his beautifully crafted artwork from the late 19th century to early 20th century.

Expect to see not only paintings but also drawings, photographs, folding screens and early cinema. These mediums will help bring to life modern France with startling ‘beauty and vivid colour’. Paris the exhibition will be drawn from NGV’s holdings of Pierre Bonnards art work, as well as from other collections from France and beyond.


Who is Exhibition designer India Mahdavi?

Iranian Paris-based designer India Mahdavi has designed Pierre Bonnard’s Exhibition in the NGV’s scenography. India Mahdavi will use both art history and contemporary culture to create an immersive and unique exhibition experience about Pierre Bonnard. Pierre Bonnard’s pieces will be framed along the wall, floor as well as on furniture, adding a three-dimensional exhibition experience. The exhibition brings to life the domestic interior worlds Pierre Bonnard is famous for.

Indulge your sense in this new and exciting exhibition celebrating Pierre Bonnard’s artworks. Take the time to visit the NGV and appreciate the painter Pierre Bonnard whose work is becoming more relevant as time goes on.


Stay with us while you explore the Pierre Bonnard at the NGV Exhibition

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