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Buffet Breakfasts: Why we love it

There is nothing that excites us more than the words ‘buffet breakfast’, and the 100’s of possible combinations of different food groups. There is something for everyone and nobody will judge for going to get 2nds of that must eat dish on the buffet breakfast.

We have put together a list the top 7 things that we love about a good buffet breakfast:


Reason One: Savoury? Sweet? Hot? Cold? Porque no los dos?

There are endless choices at a buffet breakfast – fruits, cereal, pastries, toast, eggs and bacon to name a few of the most common edible delights. Which meanings the combinations for the ultimate breakfast experience are endless. Our professional opinion? Coffee and pastry to begin, eggs and bacon to satisfy, then fruit to refresh. As Miley Cyrus would say – The best of all worlds.


Reason Two: Fussy Eaters? No problem.

There is no shortage of variety or customisable options at a breakfast buffet. This means a buffet is able to keep the whole family happy, with even the fussiest young children/picky adolescents adults are able to find something they will enjoy for breakfast. (That’s right – No more crying over toast has some weird, green mushy substance on it.) Plus at Holiday Inn if you are staying with us Kids Eat for free!


Reason Three: Travel Distance = 0

When you wake up with sore feet after exploring the beautiful city of Melbourne, the last thing you want to do is walk to get there . You want to roll out of bed and refuel with tasty breakfast and as soon as humanly possible. Buffet breakfasts are inside the hotel, so no matter how exhausted you are, you never have to brave the Melbourne cold to forage for food. A tasty and nutritious breakfast is never far away when a buffet is involved.


Reason Four: Let your inner MasterChef reign

Show us your inner MasterChef. Avo-stuffed croissants. A bacon-Danish-sandwich. The possibilities are endless and your creativity can run wild at a buffet, as no combination you desire is off limits. And the best part about serving yourself these marvellous creations? There is nobody to judge when you serve yourself scrambled eggs with a side of maple syrup.


Reason Five: The ‘Re-Return’

Buffet breakfasts often span across a few hours throughout the morning – At Holiday Inn Melbourne On Flinders, our buffet is open from 6:30am until 10:30am. So, what does this mean for a determined breakfast enthusiast? Double. Breakfast. With perfectly planned timing and skilful food choices, you may be able to double your buffet experience, and who wouldn’t want to eat the most important meal of the day twice. Challenge accepted.


Reason Six: Big-Appetite Discrimination  

It’s a real issue, we promise. Portion sizes in cafes actively marginalise those who like to eat more than a handful of granola and 2.7 strawberries for breakfast – what a modern travesty! Buffet breakfasts promote equal rights for all, as those with healthy appetites can pile their plate like they are playing a strategic game of toast-Jenga. One small step for man… one giant leap for growing teenage boys.


Reason Seven: It’s currently FREE at Holiday Inn Melbourne on Flinders

That’s right; we have saved the best until last! At Holiday Inn Melbourne on Flinders this winter, buffet breakfast is FREE! All the benefits above when you stay with us. Who can say no to a winter getaway with us now?



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